Discipline and Values


Chamba Millennium Public School believes that every child should learn from their mistakes and be taught how to handle themselves in situations properly. Appropriate behavior will be highly praised. Inappropriate behavior such as biting, hitting, scratching, kicking, pinching, spitting and profanity will not be tolerated. Time-out, or as we refer to it (thinking time), is a procedure that involves placing the child away from the group to give them time to think about what they have done.

If inappropriate behavior continues, a conference will be held with the director and the child’s parents to discuss the inappropriate behavior and provide the best possible resolution. If the child’s behavior does not improve after everything possible has been done, and for the safety and welfare of all children, Chamba Millennium Public School reserves the right to suspend and/or withdraw the child from the school.


  • We will always do what is best for each child.
  • We will always value parental involvement
  • We will always value those who serve and care for children
  • We will always value diversity
  • We will always value integrity and honesty
  • We will always value leadership

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Chamba Millennium Public School from Nursery to 8th. CMPS provides quality education carefully crafted by our staff based on the developmentally appropriate guidelines

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