… It’s not just school,it is life that matters.

“There is strong evidence that children, when they have accumulated substantial knowledge, have the ability to abstract well beyond what is ordinarily observed. These Data focus attention on the child’s exposure to learning opportunities and highlight the importance of respecting individual differences in children, their past and their present contexts. Parent and teachers promote development when they create learning experiences that are challenging but within reach. To do so, adults must be sensitive to individual development characteristics of the child.”

I hope your child enjoys her/his time in school at CMPS. You are always welcome to bring any issues, comments, or concerns to your teacher or to me. We work hard to make your child’s time in school with us a happy and productive one.

Have a wonderful year!

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Chamba Millennium Public School from Nursery to 8th. CMPS provides quality education carefully crafted by our staff based on the developmentally appropriate guidelines

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